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Технологии обуви

sh microfiber 

Microfiber - high rub resistance, light and soft artificial leather, improving  substantially the durability and comfort level

sh anti torsion 

Anti tosion - guaranteeing midsole stability, preventing over deflecting from extreme sports.

sh ESS Eva 

ESS Eva - feature of light and strenght, this increases the stability of the sole when doing sports.

sh Super light   

Super light - Kumpoo has develpoed a super light rubber and insole which can make the shoes light while meeting the requirement if rigorous tests. 

sh CBS

C.B.S. - Court Biting Structure - the newest systemmakes the lightest professional badminton shoes in history.

sh Hyper sole

Hyper Sole - Hyper sole and 12 mm shock absorption used in the front and heel of shoes will make the shoes more stable and shock absorbant.

sh Tpu fit

Tpu fit - Kumpoo TPU fit technology is not only used to prevent from damage but also to improve the ductility of shoes and to be more comfortable.

sh Double air Mesh    

Double air-mesh - improves the ventilating and air permeability of the shoes.

sh 3e wide last

3E wide last - Kumpoo developed a special shoe with wider place for fingers which gives you comfort and reduces the foot fatigue.

sh Lateral wall    

Lateral wall - Kumpoo`s unique and patent sole design can prevent the unbalance distortion of the front sole and makes sure effectivness of sudden start and stop

sh Metallic pu

Metallic pu - a kind of special artificial leather which has superior softness and beautiful metal color appearance and both comfortable and valuable.

sh Air hole

Air hole -  The six air holes of the sole make sure the breathing of the shoes and exhaust damp from the shoes to keep your foot dry and comfortable.